I'm Chris. I'm a freelance graphic designer based in Lincolnshire, UK. I specialise in logo design & brand identity.

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"We found Chris through Behance in 2017 and we have never looked back. He is our go-to graphic designer for pump clips, bottle labels, beer coasters, posters and logos.
Chris is consistently quick, hard working, creative and has a real eye for impactful graphic design. We have no hesitation in recommending him."

- Will Douglas, Axholme Brewing Co

About Me

I'm Chris K. Bruce - the only people who call me Christopher are the bank, and my mum when she's annoyed. The K stands for my middle name, which begins with a K. I'm a freelance graphic designer (although, if you're hiring, I am interested. Send me a message), specialising in logo design and brand identity. I studied for a BA (Hons) Design at the Grimsby Institute and graduated in 2018 with a 2:1.

I believe in working hard and being honest. Listen to your clients, and simplify everything, always.

When I'm not wrangling vectors or flicking back and forth between blending modes, I can often be found playing guitar or ukulele, crafting, or trying to keep fit. I like The Decemberists, Russian Constructivism, Aaron Draplin, 90's Britpop, Sci-fi movies, Cthulhu, and thick novels.

I had a beard before it was cool.

My skills include:

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign Adobe Premier Pro Adobe After Effects Wordpress Bootstrap HTML & CSS Apple Logic Pro Blender Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) Signcut Pro and more...

Portrait of the author as a young(ish?) man.

My Services

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Logo Design

Need a logo? I will work with you to create a distinctive, bespoke logo that represents your business.

Branding & Identity

Starting a new business, or looking to revitalise your brand identity? Contact me to see how I can help.

Print Design

Do you need business cards, flyers, promotional materials designing for your business? Contact me and I can design them.

Packaging & Label Design

Looking to establish a new product range, or revamp your existing product labels and packaging? I'm comfortable working with physical design.

Web Design

Does your small business need a bespoke website? Are you looking to sell products online, and need a website to send people to? Get in touch.

Wordpress Design

Looking for a website that's easy to maintain and update? Looking to start or migrate your blog and want to add that extra bespoke sparkle? Drop me a message.

Social Media & Marketing

Don't know the first thing about social media? Need someone to set up your social presence, create visual content and scheduled posts, or just write tweets and blog posts? Text me.

Copy Writing & Editing

If you need someone to edit text for publishing, correct spelling and grammar errors, and give your writing that extra shine, I'm your man.

...and more!

CV design and editing, poster design, greetings cards, illustration, video editing, and much more. If I haven't listed it here, send me a message anyway.


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Axholme Core Range - Label Design

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Axholme Brewing Co is a Lincolnshire-based craft brewery, established in 2012 in Crowle, North Lincolnshire. This was a large project, creating a consistent product range based on their existing labels. I took the original source images provided by the client and created a label template that could easily be modified for future range additions or guest bottles. Each label had its own colour palette to distinguish it from the others, even if the front is obscured, and the body copy was set in a typeface that was reminiscent of the Axholme logo.

After creating the labels for Cleethorpes Pale Ale, Best Bitter and Special Reserve, I was asked to create the fourth label. Previously Clearwater Pale Ale, Axholme wanted to rebrand the ale to honour the British-built supersonic jet fighter, naming it Lightning Pale Ale. The original source photograph was photoshopped to fit the label area, and edited to look more like an illustration. Lightning breaks from the structure of the other three labels, with its name enclosed in an air force-style wing badge.

Cleethorpes Pale Ale and Lightning bottles
Best Bitter label design
Lightning Pale Ale label design
Cleethorpes Pale Ale label design

Axholme Guest Beer Pump Clips

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

In addition to their core range, Axholme Brewing Co develop a monthly guest beer, a small-batch beer different from their staples and sold in casks to local pubs.

Each month, I receive a brief for the design stating the name, the qualities and strength of the beer, and (generally) a rough idea of the desired concept. I develop the ideas through sketches, and then in photoshop and illustrator, and usually on a 24-48 hour turnaround

This project is a particular favourite of mine as it pushes me not only to develop concepts quickly in a short timeframe, but also pushes me out of my comfort zone, using bolder colours and learning new techniques; neon lighting and graffiti are just two of the techniques I've learned to create these pump clips.

If a guest beer is particularly popular, it may be brewed again for bottling. To create a guest beer bottle label, I'll use the visual elements of the pump clip, resizing them as required for the new format, and insert them into a label template.

A selection of pump clip designs are shown below.

Resistance Bottle
Apollo 4% pump clip
Kiss Kiss Tang Tang pump clip
Grim's Bitter pump clip
Magnitude pump clip
Resistance pump clip
Resistance Second Wave pump clip
Kesar pump clip
Pacific Northwest pump clip
Bohemia pump clip
Pig and Whistle pump clip

Axholme Collaboration Projects

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Axholme Brewing Co also work with other businesses to provide bespoke beers, either in casks or bottles. With these collaborative beers, I often have to work within the visual guidelines of the parent brand.

Mr Papas

For Mr Papas, my brief was to create designs for 'Papa's Pale Ale' and 'Papa's Best Bitter' that could be used on pump clips, bottle labels, beer mats and potentially more. I was supplied with examples of the branding in use, and asked to create a concept that would fit with their existing materials. Using a limited palette, I created a simple, bold design that would stand out when printed.

Grimsby Town Football Club

In 2017 I was tasked with creating a label and pump clip for GTFC's 'Mariners Winter Ale', a beer that would be sold in the club shop and in limited quantities elsewhere. Using original artwork by the artist Paine Proffitt, I modified it to fit the standard label template. I would later use Paine Proffitt's artwork again in 2018 to create another GTFC ale (currently being printed and bottled).

Mariners Winter Ale pump clip
Papa's Pale Ale Beer Mat
Papa's Ale Pumps
Papa's Best Bitter Beer Mat
Mariners Winter Ale Bottles
Papa's Best Bitter Label
Mariners Winter Ale label

Dirty Jobs Ltd Branding & Website

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, HTML/CSS (Bootstrap)

I was approached by the client to produce a logo, website and promotional materials for a startup industrial cleaning company. The company primarily cleans commercial/industrial ductwork and extraction systems, and wanted a bold, clean design that would convey their brand.

Black on yellow and a typeface reminiscent of old American industrial signage helped to underpin the logo, which is a pair of crossed gloves. I made a conscious decision to design a different version of the logo for on black backgrounds, as simply inverting the logo would make the gloves yellow, which would suggest domestic cleaning gloves, which is the wrong demographic for the company's services.

I also developed a responsive website for the company, using the Bootstrap framework to build an html5 site. Using the black and yellow palette to bold effect, the site is situated at dirtyjobs.co.uk.

Dirty Jobs Logo Icon
Printed Business Card and flyer
Black and Yellow background variants
Business Card and flyer
Van mockup showing logo prominently
Dirty Jobs facebook page
Dirty Jobs website
Dirty Jobs website

White Box Sessions CD/Packaging design

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

While studying at the Grimsby Institute, I was approached by a member of the music faculty to design an album cover for a compilation CD that was being recorded and produced by the students, via GIFHE's White Box Studio.

The students had already received a round of submissions by other design students, but had not been happy with any at that point. Taking on board feedback from the tutor in addition to studying the brief, I set to work producing a number of concepts for the students to consider. Some of these can be seen below.

After a number of iterations to refine the concept, the final design was chosen and can be seen on the right. Once this was chosen, it was used as the basis for the CD front and back covers, the CD itself, and a poster and flyer design to promote the launch party.

White Box Sessions final design
WBS submission
WBS submission
WBS submission
WBS submission
WBS submission
WBS submission
White Box Sessions design mockup
White Box Sessions design mockup
White Box Sessions design mockup

Early in the design phase, I mocked up several of the designs onto CD casesfor the students, as often the physical aspect of a print design is overlooked.

WBS submission
WBS submission
WBS submission
WBS submission
WBS submission
WBS submission

Once the final design was selected, it was laid out on the CD cover template along with track listing, and promotional materials were designed and printed for the launch party.

CD Design template
White Box Sessions CD
White Box Sessions release party poster and flyer with CD

Generat18n - 2018 GIFHE Student Exhibition Branding

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign

As part of the 2018 Arts department cohort, it was our task to create the annual student end of year exhibition.

My initial task was to develop a brand for the exhibition, along with collateral. My concept and name (Generat18n, pronounced 'Generation') were selected from all of the options presented, and I began developing the poster images. The colour choices were selected by our group from the 2018 trending pantone colours.

The posters depict Vincent Van Gogh (Art), Steve Jobs (Design), and the Creature from the Black Lagoon (SFX). These were hand-drawn and then scanned into the computer, created in illustrator, and then the posters were composited in Photoshop. The same base vectors and textures were used for all three images to unite them visually.

Originally another member of the group was meant to be creating the programme booklets (pictured below); unfortunately due to various circumstances the booklets weren't completed. With a little over a week to the event, I had to collate and edit information from 25 students, edit student headshots, create a map of the location and write copy for the rest of the booklet all in the space of 48 hours to get the files to print in time.

Generat18n logo Generat18n event facebook header design
Generat18n poster - Fine Art variant
Generat18n poster - Design variant
Generat18n poster - SFX variant
Generat18n VIP Ticket & Programme booklet
Generat18n Programme booklet
Generat18n Programme booklet

The Cycle Hub Grimsby - Logo Design

Adobe Illustrator

In 2013 the Grimsby Cycle Hub, a community interest company (CIC) was established next to Grimsby train station, offering secure cycle storage, hire and repair services.

Prior to opening, the Cycle Hub ran a design competition to select a logo from the community. Competition was fierce, but in the end my design was chosen.

I based the logo on the concept of the Cycle Hub as an actual transport hub, able to connect people to various methods of transport, which was represented by the hexagon: Walking, cycling, cars, buses, trains and aeroplanes (Grimsby station connects to Manchester airport). The negative space 'H'/arrows in the text reinforces the concept with the idea of being able to travel through the hub to get to various destinations. The hexagon with punched out circle also looks like a nut, and pairs with the bike chain to represent the repair side of the company.

The logo has been in use for over 5 years (at the time of writing), and the Cycle Hub are preparing to open their second location in Cleethorpes.

Cycle Hub logo in use
Cycle hub logo
Cycle hub logo/brand guidelines
Extending the brand through in-store signage
Cycle Hub logo in use
Cycle hub logo redesign

5-year redesign concept

The Cycle Hub had its 5-year anniversary recently, and I revisited my original design with a critical eye. While proud of the logo's use for the past 5 years, I felt that it no longer represents my skill as a designer.

I stripped back the logo to its most basic concept, being a hub connected to the main methods of travel. I paired the logo with a bold, visible typeface (Futura Bold) and coloured it in a similar green to the original.

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